These Terms of Use incorporate the Privacy Policy and the Purchase, Exchange and Return Policy, as well as other rules or terms that may be set out on specific pages of the SALSA website and/or communicated to the User upon notification.

SALSA is available to clarify any doubts.

1. Definitions
1.1. User: Anyone browsing the SALSA online store.
1.2. Customer: Any User who makes a purchase or uses an exchange voucher to purchase products in the SALSA online store.
1.3. Login: identification chosen by the User when completing the registration form to access the restricted personal area and exclusive functionalities of the SALSA online store.
1.4. Password: Set of characters that serves as proof of the User's identity, whose knowledge must be exclusive and unique.
1.5. Registration Data: Set of personal information of a User in order to identify him from others, such as the identity document number (RG or RNE), individual registration (CPF), residential or business address, full name, among others .

2. Navigation
2.1. The SALSA online store is best viewed with a minimum resolution of 1024 pixels and is compatible with browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 7 or higher ; and Mozilla Firefox, version 3 or higher.
2.2. To view some of the content available on the SALSA online store, you will need to install the Adobe Flash Player application, in addition to Java Script resources and cookies enabled in your browser.
2.3. The User is responsible for installing/enabling such resources on their computer equipment, as well as for keeping it safe through the use of logical security tools, such as antivirus and personal firewall.
2.4. Unless otherwise provided or notified, the SALSA online store will endeavor to keep all content available 24 (twenty-four) hours a day, 07 (seven) days a week, based on official Brasilia time. However, it does not guarantee continuous or uninterrupted access to the website.
2.4.1. Eventually the site may not be available due to:
i) technical and/or operational maintenance that requires the website to be removed from the air or makes it impossible to access ; ii) acts of God or force majeure;
iii) actions by third parties that prevent the website from being made available ;
iv) interruption or suspension of services provided by telecommunications service providers ; and v) failures in transmission and/or routing in Internet access, among others.

3. Registration
3.1. Despite the fact that there are free navigation pages, the purchase of any products and/or services advertised at the SALSA online store will only take place upon completion of a registration procedure by the User.
3.1.1. Such registration will imply the creation of an exclusive browsing profile, which will allow the User to access a restricted personal area, in addition to carrying out specific activities and participating in loyalty programs.
3.1.2. Information on the processing of personal data provided in the registration process can be obtained from our Privacy Policy.
3.2. When registering, the User undertakes to provide true and up-to-date information about himself, and his legal guardian, if under 18 (eighteen) years old, as well as to keep such information up to date.
3.2.1. The User, therefore, will be able to view and change his registration data later, at any time, by accessing his restricted personal area.
3.3. During registration, the User will express his express consent to the Terms of Use of the SALSA online store, through an electronic validation procedure whose registration will be stored securely.
3.4. If the User does not agree with the Terms of Use of the SALSA online store, it will not be possible for the User to carry out the activities inherent to the exclusive browsing profiles.
3.5. Prior to the official launch of the SALSA online store, specifically for the purpose of promoting it, the User may register their electronic mail address (email) in a contact list of those interested in receiving electronic messages containing information and news (newsletters).
3.6. After the official launch of the SALSA online store, Users who are not subscribed to the newsletters' mailing list may subscribe to it at any time by accessing their restricted personal area.
3.6.1. The User may unsubscribe from such newsletter sending list at any time, simply by clicking on the unsubscribe link contained in the body of the newsletter itself.
3.7. During the registration process, the User must create a personal, non-transferable and confidential password.
3.7.1. This password must contain at least 6 (six) characters, including letters, numbers and special characters and be difficult to guess, not recommending the use of sequences of letters and numbers, names of close people and/or special dates.
3.7.2. The User must ensure the security of his password, and must change it immediately if he becomes aware or suspects that it has been discovered by a third party.
3.7.3. In case of forgetting, the User may request the sending of his password to his registered e-mail, in the item “Forgot My Password”.
3.8. The User may later cancel his registration at any time by accessing his restricted personal area in the Cancellation of Registration item.
3.8.1. Any cases of default by the User will be treated independently, as provided for in our Purchase Policy, an integral part of these Terms of Use.
3.8.2. Eventual cases of investigation of civil and criminal responsibilities of User violators of these Terms of Use will be treated independently.

4. Intellectual Property
4.1. The contents of the SALSA online store, including, but not limited to, any programs, data and files, as well as the use of the SALSA expression as a brand, business name and domain name, are the exclusive property of SALSA BEACHWEAR or, eventually, are adequately covered by license/assignment of use.
4.2. Simply accessing the SALSA online store does not grant the User any right to use the contents, understood as a whole or a fraction, that are, were or will be available therein.
4.3. Therefore, the contents displayed in the SALSA online store cannot, in any way, be copied, distributed, reproduced or disclosed, in any way, under penalty of civil and/or criminal liability.
4.4. Authorizations for use involving the copying of the contents available in the SALSA online store may be obtained upon prior request and formal authorization, provided that the purposes are strictly personal, non-commercial and do not involve modification of the contents.
4.5. Any content submitted for publication by the User in the SALSA online store will be the User's exclusive civil and criminal responsibility and cannot be interpreted in any way as an act of SALSA.
4.6. SALSA, however, reserves the right not to publish, as well as to remove any content considered morally or legally inappropriate.
4.7. The eventual removal, even upon request, of any content must always be understood as a demonstration of the prevention of unpleasantness and, never, as an acknowledgment of any infringement by SALSA of the rights of third parties.
4.8. The images used in the SALSA online store may not reflect the original size or current situation of the reproduced content, being merely illustrative.

5. User Duties
5.1. The User assumes all the burden and responsibility resulting from his actions in the SALSA online store, being also responsible for the acts that third parties carry out on his behalf, through the use of his login and password.
5.2. The User must indemnify SALSA for any damages resulting from its actions or omissions that violate the provisions contained in these Terms of Use or the legal regulations in force.

6. Limitation of Liability
6.1. Due to operational issues, the SALSA online store is subject to possible interruptions, technical failures and temporary unavailability of operations.
6.1.1. SALSA disclaims any liability for damages of any nature that may arise from the lack of availability or continuity of operation of the SALSA online store.
6.2. The SALSA online store makes its best efforts to guarantee the security and reliability of the SALSA online store and the contents available therein, using various controls to detect, prevent and combat malicious activities.
6.2.1. Therefore, SALSA will not be held responsible for any damages arising from the action of third parties, the inappropriate conduct of the User and/or that in any way escape its sphere of surveillance.
6.3. SALSA does not hold any responsibility for the User's navigation on external websites, even when referenced in the SALSA online store, it being the User's duty to read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of the website accessed.
6.3. SALSA does not hold any responsibility for the User's navigation on external websites, even when referenced in the SALSA online store, it being the User's duty to read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of the website accessed.
6.4. The SALSA online store is not responsible for any type of unavailability or errors that occur in the processing of payments through credit cards and affiliated banks.
6.5 If there is any promotional action, which due to a material error, contains values ​​disproportionately reduced in relation to the actual value of the merchandise, the online store will not be obliged to honor the announced values ​​or conditions. Considering that the principle of good faith was not understood, the purchase will be canceled, in accordance with the terms of the decisions of our Courts.

7. General provisions
7.1. The contents contained in the SALSA online store, including these Terms of Use, may be updated or modified at any time, and it is up to the User to verify them whenever he/she accesses them again.
7.2. Tolerance for any non-compliance with any of the items of this instrument will not constitute novation nor will it prevent or inhibit their enforceability at any time.
7.3. In case of doubts regarding the SALSA online store, its contents and these Terms of Use, the User must contact us by phone (11) 5102 2785 (business hours) or by email at br