To buy in our store is very easy:
1 ) Just navigate between the different product pages (news, bikinis, men's, sale) and click on the Buy icon . Or click View Details for more information about the product. After that, the product will be added to your shopping cart.
2 ) Continue browsing our website until you have chosen all the products you wish to purchase. Now just click on the Checkout link on the right and you will be completing your purchase.
3 ) Now enter your email and password. If you are not registered, register quickly by clicking on the Register link .
4 ) After that, choose the way to send the product . We work with mail delivery. You can opt for sedex or simple order, as sedex is more expensive but much more agile, so we recommend choosing Sedex .
5 ) Now just choose the payment method .
6 ) Further instructions will be sent via email to you after the completion of your sale.